Schedule — Week of 12/20 and Injury Update

21 Dec

On doctor’s orders, I rested all of last week and skipped my scheduled 12-mile long run last Saturday.  I am taking Celebrex, and it truly helped my IT band feel better and less sore with every passing day.  By Friday, I felt good enough to run, but didn’t want to push myself back too early.

This week’s (modified) schedule:

Monday:  Rest

Tuesday:  20 minutes

Wednesday:  30 minutes

Thursday:  Rest

Friday:  Rest

Saturday:  10-14 miles, depending on how my leg feels

The schedule calls for 21 miles this week, but that’s just not in the cards with my injury.  And, it’s Christmas for crying out loud!

I ran for 22 minutes this morning.  I felt good and probably ran a bit faster than my normal training pace just because I was so excited to be back in my running shoes.  After about 15 minutes, though, my IT band started to ache.  I also dialed down my run-walk intervals from 7:1 to 5:1, just to be safe.


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