Help Me, Neuromuscular Therapy! You’re My Only Hope!

30 Dec

 I continue to be frustrated with my right leg.  After having quite a bit of pain Sunday and into Monday, I have not run at all this week.  I finally decided that a call to my neuromuscular therapist was in order.  Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is basically a form of focused, deep tissue massage, which uses pressure applied to muscle trigger points to relieve tension.  It is performed on a massage table while you are fully dressed.

My therapist worked my IT band first from several different angles.  I definitely had a lot of tightness there, but nothing that seemed so painful that it was causing all of my issues.  Then she moved up into my glutes and found an enormous knot!  She worked it over quite well to release the muscle and spent some time working on my hamstring and calf as well just to get my whole leg relaxed.  She followed that with some stretching of my quads, hamstrings and glutes.

I felt like a million bucks when I finished my 30-minute session!  I will make another attempt at 14 miles this weekend, and I am optimistic about my prospects for completing the distance.  A glimmer of hope for the marathon still remains!


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