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Staying Positive

11 Jan

Those who know me well know that I’m not always a “glass is half-full” kind of person.  I know this and work hard to try to change my perspective on things.  I am still sorely (literally!) disappointed about not being able to run the marathon, but I know that my rest and down time is helping me heal so that I can get back to doing what I love — running!*

I also am hopeful that my beloved husband will still be able to run the Houston Marathon.  He, too, is battling a tendonitis issue, but seems to be recovering well and in sufficient time to go ahead with the marathon. 

So, the good news about my not running is that (a) we won’t need a babysitter for the kids and (b) I’ll get to see him finish the race!  If I were running too, I wouldn’t be there to cheer him on because he’d finish way ahead of me. 

19 days and counting….

*This week, I’m definitely more than happy to be staying in my nice warm bed instead of out running in the pre-dawn freezing cold!



3 Jan

I made another attempt at 14 miles this weekend.  About 1.5 miles into the run, my IT band started to ache.  Though I felt like I could have run further, I decided not to push it.  Fourteen miles was definitely out of the question, so I decided to just turn around and head home.

At this point — 4 weeks from the Houston Marathon — I have concluded that it is unrealistic for me to be able to run the marathon. 

I am sorely disappointed (no pun intended).  My head knows this is best, but my heart still hurts.

I’ve now got my sights set on Angie’s Half Crazy Half-Marathon on March 27th.  I’ll spend the next few weeks cross-training and resting and letting my leg heal before I hit the road again.