I’m Shayne.  I am a wife, mother and lawyer.  And a runner.  I’m not fast, but I love to run.  It relieves stress and keeps me fit. 

My husband runs, too.  I enjoy having an activity that we can share, even if we don’t really run together because he’s faster than me and one of us has to stay with the kids while the other goes out running.

I ran my first 5K in 1997 and my first marathon in 2000.  I completed a second marathon in 2001, then became pregnant and stopped running.  Our first son, Peter, was born in December of that year.  Just about the time I felt that I had my life back under control enough to start running again, I got pregnant again.  And, again, running was put on hold.  Our second son, Jacob, was born in November 2003.

Working full-time at a stressful job, combined with raising two young boys, meant that I had very little time to pursue my own interests.  And because I had gained so much weight with two pregnancies so close together, exercise wasn’t an interest of mine at that point anyway.

In 2009, I decided that enough was enough and embarked on a journey to lose the excess weight.  With the help of the Methodist Hospital Weight Management Program, I lost 48 lbs.  I truly had to change my lifestyle and become more active (in addition to making better food choices and watching portion sizes).  So, I decided to lace up my running shoes and hit the trails again. 

I hope that “this running thing” will be something that I can pursue for many years to come.  If I can continue running at my current pace until I’m 70, I’m might even have a shot at winning an age group award some day!


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