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Pushing the Restart Button

1 Feb

After 3 weeks off from running to heal my IT band, I tentatively returned to running 2 Saturdays ago.  My 9-year-old son is in the Marathon Kids program at school, where the kids run 26 miles over the course of the school year.  He was looking to get in a mile run to help increase his total mileage for the year.

The weather was perfect — sunny, dry and in the 50s.  So we headed off to Sugar Land Memorial Park to hit the trail together.  When we run together, I always let Peter set the pace, so that he does not go too fast trying to keep up with me.  We had a nice run around the jogging path, which is slightly more than a mile.  It was good mother-son bonding time, and I enjoyed our conversation.  When we rounded the corner and could see the pavilion where we had started, I challenged him to sprint to the end.  We both took off at full speed, and he beat my by just a nose!

The biggest thrill of all, though, was that my IT band didn’t bother me at all on that run.  So, I figured I was ready to start training for my next event — Angie’s Half-Crazy Half-Marathon on March 27.  I found an intermediate level, 8-week half-marathon training schedule to follow.

My first run was this morning — 3 miles at an easy pace.  Thankfully, I made it out the door before the awful, Arctic cold front blew through town.  I felt good and hit the 1-mile mark about 20-30 seconds faster than my normal pace.  But at mile 2, I felt that familiar twinge in my IT band.  Not pain, but the feeling of soft tissue tightening up.  I ended up walking most of the last mile to avoid further injury.

I think, for now, I will have to continue using the run/walk interval method.  Walking does not irritate my IT band, so I am hopeful that 1-minute spurts of walking after every 5-7 minutes of running will allow me to continue my training.  I’ll post the remainder of my running schedule later this week.


Staying Positive

11 Jan

Those who know me well know that I’m not always a “glass is half-full” kind of person.  I know this and work hard to try to change my perspective on things.  I am still sorely (literally!) disappointed about not being able to run the marathon, but I know that my rest and down time is helping me heal so that I can get back to doing what I love — running!*

I also am hopeful that my beloved husband will still be able to run the Houston Marathon.  He, too, is battling a tendonitis issue, but seems to be recovering well and in sufficient time to go ahead with the marathon. 

So, the good news about my not running is that (a) we won’t need a babysitter for the kids and (b) I’ll get to see him finish the race!  If I were running too, I wouldn’t be there to cheer him on because he’d finish way ahead of me. 

19 days and counting….

*This week, I’m definitely more than happy to be staying in my nice warm bed instead of out running in the pre-dawn freezing cold!

Schedule — Week of 12/6 and Weekly Recap

6 Dec

My schedule for this week is:

Monday: 20 minutes easy

Tuesday: 30 minute tempo run

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 30 minute tempo run

Friday:  Rest

Saturday:  Rest

Sunday:  Sugar Land 30K

And here’s how I fared last week:

Monday:  40 minutes easy [legs felt like concrete, but slogged through 40 minutes]

Tuesday: 6×1 min./2 min. [still very tired, so opted out of speedwork this week]

Wednesday: 20 minutes easy [legs feeling better, so this short run went well]

Thursday: 30 minute tempo run [missed due to a busy schedule]

Friday:  Rest [got in my 30 minute tempo run today]

Saturday:  14 miles [relatively warm for December 4th, which made it a bit more difficult than recent long runs.  Forgot my sunglasses, which made the last 1.5 miles difficult because they were directly into the sun.  Learning how to use Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem Solids, which really seem to help my energy levels more than just Gu alone.]

Schedule — Week of 11/29 and Weekly Recap

28 Nov

My schedule for this week looks like this:

Monday:  40 minutes easy

Tuesday: 6×1 min./2 min.

Wednesday: 20 minutes easy

Thursday: 30 minute tempo run

Friday:  Rest

Saturday:  14 miles

And here’s how I did last week:

Monday 11/22:  Rest [mission accomplished]

Tuesday 11/23:  Speedwork 2×1600/4 minute recovery  [I didn’t feel like going to the track for speedwork, so I just did a 30 minute run.  It was muggy and hot, so I was glad I didn’t opt for speedwork.  I went just shy of 3 miles in 29 minutes]

Wednesday 11/24:  20 min. easy [Pre-Thanksgiving baking and meal prep got in the way and I didn’t run today]

Thursday:  Sugar Land Turkey Trot (5 mi.)  [Despite the very warm and sunny conditions and some stomach cramping, I finished the 5 miler in 52 minutes, which was a 7 minute improvement over my time last year]

Friday:  Off  [Does Black Friday shopping count?]

Saturday: 16 miles — that should work off all the Thanksgiving turkey!  [We used Map My Run to find a route that was supposed to be 16.56 miles.  According to David’s GPS, it actually turned out to be 18.6 miles.  UGH!  It was a tough run, but we survived.]

Schedule Week of 11/22

21 Nov

Monday 11/22:  Rest

Tuesday 11/23:  Speedwork 2×1600/4 minute recovery

Wednesday 11/24:  20 min. easy

Thursday:  Sugar Land Turkey Trot (5 mi.)

Friday:  Off

Saturday: 16 miles — that should work off all the Thanksgiving turkey!

On my own…

20 Nov

I am nervous this time.  It’s more than the occasional, “What was I thinking when I signed up for that marathon?” jitters.  This will be my 3rd marathon, but the first time I have trained for a long-distance event entirely on my own.  With our first two marathons in the early 2000s, we trained with Houston Fit.  I just completed a half-marathon with Team in Training.

But now, I’m on my own.  It’s entirely up to me to set the training schedule.  There’s no one to meet me in the pre-dawn hours for Saturday long runs and certainly no one to map out the route.  It’s just me.

Thank goodness for Map My Run!  It at least gives me a starting place to design a route for myself.  I’m going to try to start running with my phone so that the iMapMyRun app can track the distance for me and then I can upload my routes.

This past week was light on training — just an easy 3-mile run on Wednesday morning.  Then I went 11 miles this morning.  I’m glad I headed out early because it warmed up pretty quickly once the sun came out.  I will post my training plan for the upcoming week soon.

Happy Trails!